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Is there a bank account? If you do not read this important news .. do not regret it

  • Ahmedabad: A team of cyber criminals has been stunned by data from millions of bank customers in the country's laptops caught in Delhi. Bank data of people from 12 states, including Gujarat, has been found in the laptop of Delhi gang-ridden gang of cyber crime. Police have been found in the gang's laptop with data from Bank's customer's account number, including bank loan amount. Currently the seized laptop is sent to FSL for investigation. 
  • The cyber crime team has started investigating from which bank and how the data is stolen. Police suspect that this data may have been leaked by an officer of the bank.
  • Talking about the incident, two months ago, the advocate of Gujarat was cheated online. In the investigation, the cyber crime team arrested two women and a youth from Delhi. All the data has been found from the laptop found in the raids. Talking about the customer's data from the laptop, the bank has a customer account number, customer's phone number, email ID, name, address, and how much money is in the account, how much is the customer's income, and how much is the bank loan amount if a customer's bank loan is running. The information was given to this group. The tigers did not have the data of the people of a bank or state but only eight of the 12 states, including Gujarat. There are also co-operative and nation-leased bank data. It is not possible to steal the details of the bank with the details of the bank, except those involved with the bank, while the cyber crime has sent the accused laptops to FSL for investigation.
  • The state government has also become serious in the theft of this data and has ordered the proceedings against any objection in the next investigation. The incident took place in the police force too.
  • What do you want to say?
  • Talking about what can be done by stealing bank data, experts say that data is a market engine in the era of technology. Many companies determine their marketing strategies by stealing data. What advertising is offered on social media by an algorithm system? It is also necessary for the person to have the information of that person. Do not count these things as harmful, but knowing that the data that has come into the hands of the leopards may lead to misrepresentation and seduction, knowing that their bank password or one time password can serve anyone's earnings, which is a serious matter.
  • What happened in the laptop?
  • Number of bank's customer accounts
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Email ID, Name, Address
  • How many rupees are there in the account?
  • How much is the customer's income?
  • How much is BankLon's installment?
  • The matter of keeping account holders in mind
  • Always be aware of unfamiliar frog calls
  • Money can not be transferred without an OTP
  • Do not even give an OTP number to anyone
  • It is very important to have an OTP for cheating
  • Bank officials never want OTP
  • The bank does not even ask you for a password
  • If the fraud call comes, inform the bank immediately
  • Banks can be liable if the money is not withdrawn without the OTP
  • Report to the bank in 3 days of money laundering
  • In 3 days the bank will have to pay the money to report
  • Reserve Bank of India has already declared that the circular

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