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Gujjubhai ni golmaal gujarati natak

Gujjubhai ni golmaal gujarati natak

  • Plays count is in poetry. Poetry is considered to be of two types: audio and visual. This scene is considered a distinction drama of poetry. But due to its eclipse, mainly due to the vision, visual poetry has just started to say drama.
  • Bharatununi's theatrical book gets the oldest texts of this topic. In Agnipapuran there is also a representation of the characteristics of drama etc. 
  • There is a kind of poetic name in it. This circle has two distinctions: poetry and actress. In Agnipuraan, 27 verses of visual poetry or allegory are said to be-
  • Drama, episode, dim, ehram, samavkar, rahasana, jyog, lekh, vithi, number, trotak, play, bat, sculptor, villains,
  • Dormmellika, departure, spell, speeches, seminars, presentations, poetry, Srinigidate, Natyarasak, Rasak, Ullapik and observation.
  • In literature, the drama's characteristics, distinctions, etc. are given more clearly.
  • It has been written above that the name of a distinction of visual poetry is drama. The main two divisions of visual poetry are metaphors and modifiers. 
  • The metaphor has ten distinctions - metaphor, drama, episode, speech, gyne, samavkar, dim, ehrimag, ankavithi and rahasan. 
  • There are eighteen distinctions of 'Adhyapakaka' - drama, trotak, gosthi, satkak, natyarasak, departure, chhupya, poetry, observation, rasak, mobilizer, Shrigad, Shimpak, Vilasika, Durmallika, Kadika, Hollisha and Bhairika.
  • According to the above distinctions, drama words speak in the meaning of poetry only. According to the literary work, the play should be written by a known circle (not famous, not hypothetical). 
  • He should be very happy with many kinds of luxury, happiness, sorrow, and many juices. There should be five to ten digits in it. 
  • The hero of the drama should be a great man or a monarchy of Dhirodatta and a prominent dynasty. The princess of the drama or angered juice is Shringar and Veer. 
  • The remaining juices come in a secondary form. Peace, compassion, etc., can not be called drama.
  •  There should be some strange business in the arthritis. Mars should be shown only in the epilogue. 
  • The dissertation drama is against Sanskrit ornamental scriptures.

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