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SBI's gift will now be deducted daily from ATM at Rs 2 lakh

SBI's gift will now be deducted daily from ATM at Rs 2 lakh
New Delhi (Best Hindu News): Since the ban, several banks have fixed the limit on withdrawal of ATMs. Most banks have 50 thousand and other banks have given the limit of withdrawal of Rs 15,000 per day from the ATM. The State Bank has given a gift to its customers.
State Bank of India has increased the limit of online transaction to 5 lakh rupees. At the same time, debit card account holders can also withdraw 2 lakh rupees daily from the ATM. Along with this, let us tell you that the daily leimit has been fixed according to the individual card which starts from at least 40 thousand rupees. You will have to pay fees to take these cards and the charge will also be charged on the renewal. GST will be payable on all types of charges.
Explain that SBI Classic Debit cum ATM Card is the most prominent debit card issued by the bank. Through this card you can withdraw 40 thousand rupees every day from the ATM. Apart from this, the account holders can make online transactions of Rs. 50 thousand daily. To issue this card, SBI will charge 300 rupees and 18 percent GST. In addition, the maintenance charge will be charged 100 rupees. At the same time, with the help of SBI Pride Master Debit Card you can withdraw one lakh rupees every day and country. With this, you can make online transactions of Rs 2 lakh. The bank takes 300 rupees (GST additional) to issue this card. For the yearly maintenance, the bank charges 250 rupees and 18 percent GST. Apart from this, SBI customers can make daily transactions of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 5 lakh per day through Platinum Debit Card. The bank charges Rs 300 for issuing this card and 350 rupees as annual maintenance fee.

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